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Yoga & Bike Ride

Remember bring extra money for “organic coffee and garden fresh food” at Bike in Coffee since
the food they have is straight from their garden :)

-Ryde shack summer boot camp with Stacy!
-Beginning July 14th.
-every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6pm for 6 weeks. Body compositions will be taken and documented before and after camp.
-185.00 for non-paying clients
-145.00 for clients on unlimited monthly access auto pay plan.
-refer a friend to the Ryde Shack boot camp and receive an additional 10% off your workshop!
-spaces are limited so reserve your spot online or at the ryde shack today!

Summer promotion:

-The Shack summer dozen!
-any 12 classes for $112.00. Good through July and August.
-Your choice of any of the classes we offer at the studio. From premier Core power training to Cycling and TRX classes!
-Deadline for this promotion is June 30th.
-come by today to get your Shack dozen!!

4 thoughts on “Yoga & Bike Ride

  1. Hey I am interested in doing your summer boot camp with Stacy. Would you please reserve me a spot. I am also going to refer my friend (aka sucker her into doing the camp with me). Please let me know the best way to sign up and get started.

    Thanks! Claire

  2. Hi, Can you tell me more about the Summer Boot Camp? What happens on the Tues and Thurs nights? Am I going to be ryding or TRXing or what? Thanks, Kaayla

    • Hi Kaayla!! Sorry for the late response.. Yes camp will begin on Tuesday july 14th 6pm. Class will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7. We will be building strength and conditioning outside the studio primarily but continuously changing it up. We will have a pre boot camp party on the 13th to go over everything and optional nutritional addition to the program for all clients. We will also be performing body composition tests before and after camp. We have a few spots left so I’d love to have you in camp!!

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