Take a ryde that really moves you!

Ryde Shack is a boutique fitness studio exclusive to Nob Hill that welcomes people
of all fitness levels who desire an energetic workout that is ever changing and will invigorate their mind, body and spirit. At Ryde Shack we offer full body strength training with real Ryder bikes, TRX, yoga, and more to keep the classes exciting and fun!  We have a shower, hairdryer and all you need to freshen up after your workout!
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Call us at 505-401-9288 to schedule your first class free!

News & Events

  • Jan 3

    Yoga workshop starts January 17th at 9:30am

    Find balance and strength in a yoga practice and in your life with this 8-week workshop.… Go

  • Jan 3

    Do 5 sun salutations every day in January

    Make realistic health and fitness goals for 2015. Start to change your life by doing 5… Go

  • Dec 8

    Food Drive for Bandelier School going on through December 19th.

    Please bring food to donate and help those who are less fortunate this holiday season.… Go

About Us


  • Amanda Stafford

  • Emily Hill

  • Ashley Prokopiak

  • Gerhardt Ackerman

  • Scott Cameron

  • MG McCullough

  • Nick Davis

  • Maya Ramsay

  • Nina Baum

  • Clark Smith

  • Lara Wengert

  • Roy Solomon

Amanda Stafford

Being active is a lifestyle for me and is as much a benefit for my mind and spirit as for my body. I love being part of a studio that motivates and supports people of all fitness levels to take the time to take care for themselves and get their blood flowing. Being the mother of three sons, exercise and the community at the Shack has kept me sane ( well, somewhat) and I am thrilled to be part of the amazing team and space.

Amanda Stafford Picture

Emily Hill

Emily Hill is a health and fitness journalist and bikeaholic. As a cycling activist, she’s organized women’s bike advocacy groups and bike maintenance workshops in Austin, Texas and Montreal, Quebec, and has been living car-free for four years. Her classes involve lots of hard climbs and loud hip hop. She’ll make you sweat!
Emily Hill Picture

Ashley Prokopiak

Ashley just graduated from UNM with her Master of Occupational Therapy and has a background as a competitive swimmer, Crossfit, Pilates and loves TRX. Ashley also has experience as a Pilates instructor, swim coach and instructor for many years as well as a triathlete coach. Ashley is actively pursuing a Yoga Instructor Certification and is very exited about teaching TRX. Ashley is extremely motivating and her classes will be dynamic and interesting to challenge your endurance, strength and comfort zone as well as an emphasis on proper form to help you achieve your fitness goals. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth it! See you at the Shack!

Ashley Prokopiak Picture

Gerhardt Ackerman

Gerhardt Ackerman Picture

Scott Cameron

Scott Cameron Picture

MG McCullough

MG started indoor cycling following a sports injury in 2006, but it wasn’t until she lived in Los Angeles that she really fell in love. There, she was inspired by motivating instructors who created an experience in the studio, believed everyone could improve their health & fitness, & brought DJ-quality playlists to the workout. This is what you can expect when you come to MG’s classes–lots of smiles, lots of energy,  & lots of encouragement to “get after it” & “go big”, regardless of your fitness level.

MG is a student in the Doctor of Oriental Medicine program at Southwest Acupuncture College; she believes exercise & diet are the best medicine & plans to practice Family & Sports Medicine.  She is mildly obsessed with endurance events, cosmetics, & the proper use of punctuation. She is Schwinn certified.

MG McCullough Picture

Nick Davis

Nick Davis is a graduate student at UNM and an enthusiastic runner and cyclist. When he’s not competing in a race or climbing some far off mountain Nick’s training with the folks at RydeShack leading spin and TRX classes.

Nick Davis Picture

Maya Ramsay

Maya Ramsay has been an athlete her whole life and loves to share her passion for the active lifestyle with all those around her. She recently moved back New Mexico after many years in the fitness and wellness industry in San Francisco. She is a yoga teacher and personal trainer with a background in exercise science. She believes that movement and exercise therapy are the best things that a person can do for themselves. She offers support and motivation in a fun environment so that all her clients may reach their goals, no matter how big or small.

Maya Ramsay Picture

Nina Baum

In her 10-year career as a pro mountain biker, Nina has been the US Collegiate Mountain Bike Champion in cross-country. She competed on the European World Cup circuit, and finished in the top ten on the US National Mountain Bike Series. She has been a 5-time New Mexico state mountain bike champion, and 3-time NM Cyclocross state champion.  As coach and director for Get Out! NM, she rides with eight juniors aged 13 to 18, which keeps her on her toes and has earned Get Out! a national title at the US Mountain Bike Championships and a silver medal at the US Cyclocross National Championships.

Nina Baum  Picture

Clark Smith

Hey Everyone! My name is Clark Smith and I am new to the Ryde Shack for 2013. I am an avid cyclist who loves to get out and ride every type of bike. I have been competing in downhill and cross country mountain bike races for several years and have taught spin class at UNM, and I am a Certified Personal Trainer. I like to bring elements of my racing background to the class, always trying to keep it dynamic and interesting, and always trying to push you to be the best you can. My goal is to put a smile on everyone’s face that comes to class and to spread the wonders of physical fitness.

Clark Smith Picture

Lara Wengert

Lara attended the Real Ryder training in Venice, CA and is a certified instructor. Having coached swim teams in the past, she is energized by helping others achieve their personal best. She takes the time to create a new workout to new music EVERY class she does. Her style is cardio driven and as a result, she has lost over 15 pounds since August. Lara incorporates sprints, endurance building sets and technique to each workout. She will get your heart rate up and keep it there for the duration of your class.  She fully realizes that half the battle is showing up and will encourage, motivate and inspire you!

Lara Wengert Picture

Roy Solomon

Roy Solomon Picture

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At Ryde Shack you will find a welcoming space where people could come together and get a full body, heart pounding workout that incorporated cycling, TRX, yoga combo classes and boot camp style classes.

The heart of the studio is the amazing community of people.Come in for your first class free!


Ryde Shack is not your ordinary indoor cycling studio. Our RealRyder®  bikes are  just as unique!

RealRyder® is a completely new kind of fitness equipment that is revolutionizing the world of indoor cycling. Real Ryder® bikes turn tilt and lean to mimic a real outdoor riding experience and allow movement without limits, boundaries or restrictions!

The bikes will:

  • Engage more muscles than you would on a traditional indoor bike
  • Work your core more than you would on a regular indoor bike
  • Burn more calories
  • Overcome boredom with a more fun and dynamic riding experience


At Ryde shack no two classes are ever alike. We believe that variety  of exercises, movements and intensities keep workouts stimulating and minds open to push our bodies in new ways. Our classes offer a unique mix of cardio, flexibility and resistance training with a focus on core, strength and balance through functional movement.

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”  Unknown

Class Rates

  • 1 Class $14.00
    (drop-in rate)
  • 10 Classes

  • 20 Classes

  • 30 Classes

Please note that there is a $10 late cancel charge. If you can’t make it to class, please cancel 2hrs prior to class. Thanks so much!

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